“I like to think that we started a record label that is similar to the old school labels, where we really believe in the artist… and where we work with the artist hand in hand to develop their talent.” Jack Douglas

Founded by legendary producer Jack Douglas in 2022 with partners Aaron Smart (musician/songwriter) and Douglas Durst (builder and environmentalist), Confidential Records is a full-service boutique record label — featuring music & video production, promotion & marketing, artist development, publishing, merchandising, and technically sophisticated music distribution in the digital and physical worlds.

In a climate of accelerating change and transition, it becomes ever more important to deliver a superior quality product to the marketplace. Our team of highly successful music industry veterans and business professionals, combined with strategic outside marketing experts and collaborators, form a small, close-knit group of highly focused and motivated individuals who are passionate about music and the creative spirit.

Confidential Records is proud to provide the hands-on expertise needed to guide an artist to their personal best.

A few words with Jack Douglas…

Tell us about the team you’ve brought together for Confidential Records:

“Everyone on our team has extensive and multi-faceted industry experience to share with our artists. We’ve created a boutique artist-centric label, with a tight and talented team that wears many hats. For example, our Director of Operations is also a marvelous video director; our Label Coordinator is also an experienced tour manager; our Project Manager is not only at the cutting edge of digital technology, but he’s also an industry renowned blogger and photographer. My business partner is also an excellent musician/songwriter, and we have our own recording studio.”

What sets Confidential Records apart from the major labels?

“We’re the rare modern record label that guides our artists in all aspects of developing their craft. We mentor and guide our talent in performance, songwriting, movement, public speaking, and more. With our exceptional network, we’re able to connect our artists with top level musicians, co-writers, managers, and agents. We’re all visionaries with a passion to guide our artists to their personal best.”