Aaron Smart

Aaron Smart, Partner

Aaron Smart is an entrepreneur, musician, and bon vivant. At Confidential, Aaron oversees strategy and creative. And when he’s not in the studio or doing business, he’s jetsetting overseas with a reservation at one of the world’s best restaurants.

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Aaron has lived and breathed music from the time he could talk. He played with rock bands in San Francisco and Los Angeles, including Paloalto, Supreme Love Gods, and Hayes. With his advance on a record in 1999, he started investing in vintage recording gear and eventually launched a recording studio, MAKE Records Studios, where the equipment is as unique as the artists who record there. Inspired to establish a record label for artists by artists, Aaron then co-founded the record label MAKE Records, focused on indie artists with unconventional sounds: psych rock, avant-garde jazz rock, and beyond. The distinctive artist roster includes Butch Vig’s band 5 Billion in Diamonds, The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, and Aaron’s own band, SILVERPLANES. SILVERPLANES is a space rock outfit crafting psychedelic-tinged alt pop rock gems, with Aaron on lead vocals and guitar, Ian Baca on bass and keys, and Jesse Kramer (son of Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer) on drums.

Aaron had met Jack Douglas through friends in the industry in the early 2000s. Jack was taken by Aaron’s music and went on to become his record producer. In 2020, Jack joined on as a co-owner of MAKE Records, and in 2022, the two founded Confidential Records together.

When music isn’t taking Aaron places, wining and dining is. His love of the gourmet life has transported him across the globe many times over.

He’s been to 32 countries and counting, and is known to pick up on a moment’s notice and jet to Paris, Copenhagen, or Kyoto for a top chef pop-up or an exclusive prix-fixe.

Aaron’s also channeled his passion for food and wine into business. He’s an owner of Bar Henry, a well-loved drinking hole in Echo Park, Los Angeles, known for its ultra-curated, eclectic playlist and unique craft cocktails. He also owns Bar Supply, Inc. which sources and distributes rare and artisan-made glassware and bar supplies.

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